Last one folks! Around 10am I'll be talking up Craft 2012 on RRRfm with the lovely ladies of the Grapevine. I'll be dishing out what were our highlights and lowlights of the year, giving a mini lecture on maker etiquette, and of course talking about last minute handmade gifts for Christmas.

I'll be flying solo as Beck prepares to fly north for the summer (let's just say she loves heat+beach+holiday reading) but she'll be there in spirit - or in this case jam - which I'll ceremonially pass on to the ladies with my needle felted house decorations! I'd love you to listen in. RAMONA


jessij said...

hi there,
I'm a fellow Melbourne crafter. I heard you on RRR this morning and enjoyed it. I appreciate your points about the markets as I really wanted to do a market this year but it was so expensive. I actually visited a market yesterday at Northcote town hall. I only even noticed it because I live so close by and I saw it on my way out to shops. I usually keep up to date with what's happening but had no idea this market was on. It was a bit sad really because when I walked in you could almost feel the vibe from the stall holders as there was hardly anyone there at all. It wasn't exactly a visible market either and I was on foot, so other's driving past, wouldn't have seen a thing. I felt really bad for the people there as there was so much great stuff and only a few days earlier there was a busy market in the exact same location. Anyway, I just think that if crafters are going to pay top dollars for markets that the organisers should at least put some effort into advertising and exposure. Anyway, that's my bit.
Have a great Christmas and I'll listen next year

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Ramona -- I was so glad that I got to hear most of the broadcast too, as i was driving around for work. I loved your little summary of craft trends past, present and future, and found your discussion of markets thought provoking too. I absolutely cannot miss one of your broadcasts next year - I love them! Thanks too for your support, much appreciated. All the best for 2013.

Ramona said...

Thanks for the great comments ladies. I know I may have got a bit controversial but we really do see our job as commentators and as such should on occasion actually comment! We love makers and want to support them in what they do and not be put in difficult positions of exploitation.