Every year I like to make a personalized decoration for all my small friends. When I started many of my peers were yet to have children so the numbers were pretty small. This has all changed in recent years and I am now up to 18! It's still my favourite tradition and I had enormous fun doing this stamped wood tag for them all. I found the blank tags for 50 cents at a craft shop so it was kept well in budget - important this year as we seem to be poor church mice at the moment! If I had my time over tho I would have utilized the shape more and done little house paintings instead.

If your interested you can see past decorations here (2011) here (2010) here(2009) here (2008) 

Merry Christmas Maxwell, Finn, Silas, Sunday, Rueben, Gene, Clancy, Wolfgang, Alani, Kye, Lily, Charlie, Toma, Audrey, Georgia, Nicholas! love RAMONA

And my own Hope and Thom xxx

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Saskia said...

These are gorgeous Ramona! Love the yellow tree, and the white masking through the woodgrain.