tis, you know, the season

Despite notably ramping down this year, both the ladies of HML have been busy making things. We put it down to the pressure being off considerably, somehow it made it easier to craft! I'm continuing my obsession with needlefelting and made a little baby rattle for my young friend Gene. There has also been more wreath making (hence the air dry clay flower making) and pulling out all the handmade decorations for the tree (most of which Beck made!)

My continuing quest for the perfect christmas village continues. This little neighbourhood took me a fair few hours of an evening to make but how sweet is it? Very pleased! Mind you I have a number of nasty cuts on my hands now, and will have to put the needle down for a while to recover.

The recipient (our gorgeous glamorous publisher) instantly thought they'd be great brooches, something I hadn't even considered. I now dream of making a row of needle felted terrace houses as a brooch. I'll have to write that down somewhere for later. 

Not to be outdone Beck whipped up a set of glamorous glow in the dark polymer beads for her to take to Berlin and this super cool neon basket.

And despite getting ready for an epic 3 weeks in QLD Beck has been a very busy bee. She's made jam, beads and baskets for everyone else as well and as she leaves soon I scored my gift early. This will be the first year in about 6 that we haven't spent Christmas together so there will be a lot of texting going on the next few weeks. But we can honestly say, at the end of a pretty tough year, the ladies of HML find themselves breathing a little easier. RAMONA

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