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We know you are all super busy, in denial, or in retail yourselves and literally have NO TIME, but we thought you needed a heads up on a couple of the amazing events on offer this weekend. They appeal to us mainly because the kids can participate. This Sunday North City 4 opens the roller doors for some free demos, a sale, a sausage sizzle and activities for kids 11-3 - I'll be there for sure.

Saturday I'm going to take Thom to do his own Christmas shopping at Northcote Pottery. Their show small pieces is perfect - he can pick things himself which is very empowering for small people and a great introduction to buying handmade. Open this Saturday 9-4.

As for the Big Design Market...we know we know ANOTHER MARKET but a lot of thought has gone into providing some points of difference,. The biggest one for us is this is totally kid friendly - with activities and decent food and a parents room as well as totally inspiring makers selling ware we think this is actually going to make all members of the clan happy. Plus the Royal Exhibition Building is a gorgeous venue.

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Northcity4 said...

It's all happening in Weston St, Brunswick this weekend! Thanks guys