mind meld

Jill Hermans
If 2012 had a theme in the professional craft world that would be 'collaboration'. It seemed that everyone was in a caring and sharing mood. No strangers to that ourselves we here at HML are big fans of seeing how makers respond to each other, their ideas and aesthetics. Beck calls this the 'mind meld'. We are always aiming for that magic moment when our contributions are seamless together- it makes collaborating a joy.

Chloe McColl
I saw Jill Herman's work last year at Handheld Gallery and really responded it so I'm excited to see more. She has a really lovely eye for colour and I see her work more like abstract paintings than jewellery. The fact that they are wearable is a bonus. I haven't seen Chloe McColl's work in an exhibition context so I'll be really interested to see what she does and the connection between the two makers work

The show opens this Thursday and runs until December 15. Handheld Gallery is HERE

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