Well the ladies of HML do love a road trip it's true. If you can combine that with an open studio/christmas market/idyllic bush setting then we are there as fast as you can say 'scones anyone?'

Merricks North, down Mornington Peninsula way is home to a trio of makers Jeweller Flick Pope, Glass blower Leisa Wharington and artist Julie Niekamp. As is their tradition this time of year this Friday and Saturday they are opening their doors and gardens for a lovely handmade country market. Ceramics, textiles,  vintage stuff and of course art, glass and jewels!

Looks like a lovely mellow way to spend our Christmas coin. We'll be heading down on the Friday to take advantage of early bird pickings but it is open on Saturday the 24th too for those of you who feel like a country jaunt. Highly recommended for weary city slickers. RAMONA

PS for more info visit their facebook events page here
for those of you not on the book (rebels!) here are the details:

Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of November 2012. 10am - 4pm.The Studio - Bulldog Creek Road
Merricks North. Melways 152, A12 (Access only off Balnarring Road - no GPS)

Take a rug and picnic to make a day of it - and cash, don't forget the cash!

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