shelling out

I've always been a big fan of dodgy shell craft - so useless, so kitschy, so dust collecting. Over the years i've found and proudly displayed everything from the ubiquituous bug eyed frog to the fancy pants coral and whelk lamp with plant hangers and dangly light shades a plenty thrown into the mix. The in-house architect as you might expect DETESTS them, and the little people I co-habit with had a nasty habit of trying to inhale, ingest and/or impale themselves on my lovlies so gradually over the years they've all headed out the door. To this day however I can't go past a beach side garage sale/market/tourist trap without fondly fondling a piece.

This holidays I decided that if perhaps the boys and I made the shell craft ourselves we might stand a better chance at keeping it in the display cabinet rather than recycling bin.  So we spent some quality time collecting our raw materials then set about making some of our own, inspired by these fabulous pieces in the craft book I snaffled in the local oppy the day before.

We managed to get this photo frame done, which we were both pretty happy with, especially Max.

Then we picked the shells for Maxwell's creche teachers and I was all geared up to teach the little man the fine art of plaiting and stringing when he turned to me in all sincerity and said - "Mum you do the rest this is boring" and then proceeded to dive bomb himself into the pool.


Like father, like son. Oh well at least there's still time to indoctrinate Finn into the crafting clan. BECK

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