Round and round it goes

We are going to do things a little back to front this week at HML with Show appearing at the tail end. I thought I'd share with you some of the little wreaths I've been making as gifts for friends and neighbours

I've been using air dry clay, silicon moulds, and embroidery hoops as bases. I have a Christmas elf to assist in the colour tinting. The amazement of being able to mix two colours to make a third is quite intense in a four year old crafter. Let alone five shades of green by adding bits of white.

The green one above is one of the first we made and I still love it. My new favourite below is for an amazing crafty friend whose name has been obscured to keep a small element of surprise. I find it especially hard to make gifts for my professional crafter friends but I know they always accept my small offerings as intended - with love!

I'm having a low key Christmas this year - I know it doesn't look like that but truly I am. Cancelled my annual BBQ, putting up the fake tree instead of struggling with the real one, planning a cold cuts Christmas lunch and a little pavlova to celebrate. Some years ya just gotta turn the volume down a notch. But I still love making gifts, it's my hobby after all! RAMONA

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