I have been obsessing over Christmas villages. Having never made one I was unsure how to go about it without it costing a fortune or printing out someone else's designs (an exercise in folding was not what I was after) I remembered buying blocks online a few months ago that the same store had house shapes so presto - modern Xmas village. I've actually made this little set for my friend Max age 4 - who has long been the recipient of my handmade holiday hoo ha.

I wanted to keep them really simple and timeless but still fun enough to play with (just add matchbox cars and Lego people). I made this in an evening while watching the movie 'Ghost' for the hundredth time (probably the third time but it feels like more).

I wanted to make sure they looked as cool from the back as the front. I'm hoping to make a little calico bag for the town, hopefully there will be enough time! I know these are easy things to cut yourself if you have a jigsaw but if you'd like to buy them v v cheaply online I recommend the Craftumi store Supplies from the Studio

The plan for my own village is to keep the palette summery and have it resting on astro turf rather than fake snow. I'd like some trees too, not sure how to resolve that one. Felt maybe? RAMONA


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Beci's new book has a little village template, awesome idea!