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Its Melbourne, it's nearly December and pop up shops are sprouting up quicker than the weeds in my veggie patch - they're now so prolific it may be time to say we've actually got a plague of pop ups. Still we love the combo of special product, creatively installed in alternative venues as much as we like shopping so hell...like we're seriously going to start complaining about having even more reasons to head out together to look at gorgeous stuff. Now that we're in the last few weeks till Christmas we've hand picked a few of our favourite pop ups worthy of your attention and maybe even your credit card. We're also reminding you that some of these propositions are a blink and you'll miss it type situation - especially The Design Files open house and Crop at Lightly this weekend so get in quick peoples. And remember this is just the beginning!

The creme de la creme of pop ups - a gob smacking mid century architectural marvel filled to the brim with the best craft and design by the one and only Lucy Feagin. This is the second Open House and it's being touted as both bigger and better than ever, and we seriously doubt this is hyperbole. We're super happy to say that it features works by some of our favourite people ( see above you know who you are!) amongst the select creatives. And if you don't want to take our word for it check out the millions of opening night snaps here and hot foot it over to Windsor this weekend.
Open today, closes Sunday arvo.
27 Eastbourne st Windsor.

Super cool, super talented and super lovely Cindy Lee Davies is hosting a series of pop ups within pop ups at her gorgeous light filled studio in Collingwood. Entitled Crop this market/pop up hybrid features a fantastic group of serious craft and design specialists and labels we love.We will MOS DEF be making our way to this one but remember this too closes this SUNDAY and the works will be flying out the door. 
Opens 30 November to closes Sunday December 2
3 Glasshouse Rd. Collingwood.

This year is also the second for the Melbournalia franchise. In a great new venue down at the Queen Vic market it too is looking bigger and better in a brilliant new setting. None too surprisingly it's main claim to fame is showcasing the best local talent. Ramona raved about this one last year and thankfully it's open for quite a while so should be pretty easy to get to. 
Open regular shop hours Tuesday to Sunday's... more details here and here
155 Victoria Street Melbourne

From paper mache parrot headdresses (squark we MUST HAVE ONE hear that Santa) to hand printed bed linen this is probably our favourite pick. Lichen and Jitske  are not just great people they also have seriously great taste and they've put this pop up together to feature not just their own wares but some of their own favourite things. Trust us this space is filled with unexpected treasures that will be filling our Santa sacks this year. Read more about it here or here. or make your way on over.
Open until December 24
173 Lygon st Brunswick
Tomorrow we'll be talking up markets and open studios in the meantime happy shopping. BECK

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Emma said...

I love Lichen and Jitske's windows - they sure know how to do colour!