Dream weaver

This Saturday i'm off to learn the art of fabric basket weaving at Harvest with the incredibly awesome Maryann Talia Pau. To say that i'm pretty excited is probably a HUGE understatement. We're long time fans of her work in all it's forms here at HML, and I've secretly coveted her fibre manipulating finger skills for just as long.  Sophisticated, urban, contemporary renderings of traditional techniques that are fresh and irresistable. Her confident combining of pattern, colour and form are gasp inducing aesthetic signatures that we keep coming back to. Seriously people, we cannot talk her up enough.

Now I might be the textile 'professional' here at HML, but unlike Ramona  - who has had a crack at pretty much everything, the mysterious art of basket weaving has so far eluded me. However now that my fibre fetishism has really taken flight I figure it's time to stop buying up other peoples work and start making my own. If only for the sake of the household bank balance. So time to raffia up and get busy.

A little birdy (or three) have mentioned that there are still a couple of seats free at the workbenches - so if you too have a hankering (apologies bad pun) to create your own modern tribal objet de jour then make a beeline for the harvest website and book yourself in. I'm so excited I've already ordered myself some lime green, natural and hot pink raffia to keep me going once the workshop is over. I expect there's going to be a lot of family members with sideboards like the one above post Christmas this year! BECK

Read more about Maryann here and here, check out her website here, or book in to the workshop here  and apologies to Lucy over at the design files for pinching some of her photos!


Emma said...

There is no doubt that Maryann is THE SHIZZ.
An antidote to cynicism and neutral colour, and you can bet that she will throw her head back like that and laugh with all of her being - I LOVE HER!

Maryann TP said...

Throwing my head back and laughing with all my being, RIGHT.NOW! Feeling the love, thank you! Nothing like getting your weave on, with awesome peeps!! xx

Saskia said...

Your lucky lucky family members. Looking forward to seeing your creations with every (ahem) fibre of my being. That feathered piece is incredible.

Beck said...

excellent work on the pun front ladies, and yes not only did the head get thrown back, the colour and hip hop soul got thrown down! Completely addicted to MTP and Baskets. Bring on the next workshop!