minx meet

When the Kelly Doust book The Crafty Minx came out last year I must admit I kind of got my nose outa joint. Who was this woman with pretensions for being the queen of craft? I'd never even heard of her and yet here she was with this lusciously styled book and her name on the cover. So I chose to ignore it, just giving it a cursory glance in the bookstore.  But then kindle was having a special on the ebook version and I thought, well why not just down load it for 10 bucks and see what it's like? Much to my irritation loved it. So I snapped up The Crafty Kid this week at the library and checked it out, again lovely. annoying. I may be buying this one.
the book version on the left, mine on the right.
 Turns out this Kelly Doust is actually a lovely person with a great 'make do and mend' attitude that comes through in her warm writing style. I'm not sure why the plastic bag holder above was in the crafty kid book (Kelly suggested letting small ones crumple up the bags and put them in - turns out Thom LOVED this idea so there you go, small things amuse small boys).

my dodgy one on the left and the good book one on the right
 There are lots of nice simple projects that aren't really up to gift giving status but a certainly sweet enough for your own abode. My oilcloth lunch bag is decidedly dodgy and may end up as a catch all for my washi tape collection instead of a personal picnic bag as intended. So if you see the Crafty Minx or the Crafty Kid books out there, don't dismiss them out of hand like silly old me. They aren't for the highly skilled, it's purely simple and domestic. Have a peek, she seems nice, not royal, but nice. RAMONA


Zara said...

I've heard about this book but am yet to have a browse through a copy. I'll have to check it out.
Your lunch bag doesnt look dodgy to me.

Saskia said...

You MADE an oilcloth lunchbag? That's pretty damn impressive Ramona, and it looks good to me. Love the plastic bag holder too - great way to use up some of those odd-shaped fabric remnants I have squirreled away... Thanks for the inspiration, again!

Ramona said...

Thanks ladies! I implore everyone to make the plastic bag thing, so easy and genius. The oilcloth lunch bag has somehow become full of matchbox cars!