climb every mountain

The ladies of HML have been talking about contemporary ceramics this past month. We've a been a bit overexcited about the state of things. We are seeing lots of boundary pushing, investigation and originality. No more so than in the work of ceramicist and artist Robyn Phelan.

Robyn has been exploring the notion of mountains as metaphor for a while now, and combining that with research into little know histories of women climbers her new show 'ain't no mountain high enough' at MAILBOX 141 is set to blow our minds.

We are hoping to make the opening party this Sunday as apparently icecream will be served 330 -430. the show is already up an running so if you take a walk down flinders lane this week make sure you pop in to see this magical show. Congrats to Robyn whose career is going from strength to strength, what a talent. RAMONA

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