modern times

After my adventures with the kids version of this book I borrowed the grown up book that preceded it. Todd Oldham and his army of stylists and DIYers don't do things by halves that's for sure. I'm not sure if I'd be up to making my own plywood entertainment unit but I did like a little printing project and had good results with it.

Using a paper cup as a printing tool was pretty neat. Mid you it does tend to splash if you don't lift the cup with care. I didn't mind the little splashy bits so I soldiered on. I have a lovely couple of friends (Mr A And Mrs J) and I think the pillowcases will make a nice little Christmas gift for them. Joint gifts are great I think.

Of course I accidentally printed on the wrong side (I always do that, it's like a craft tick with me) so had to do a double sided design, which to be honest I liked more in the end. Maybe I should just use these two as a practice run? They go so well on our bed!

If I had to do it again I'd use more contrasting blues. I'd also plan the design on paper first, yeah that would be smart. I have this 'just wing it' attitude to craft sometimes with mixed results I admit. Still, with the countdown on I have to be strategic so I'll wash and iron these ones and wrap them ASAP. Ramona

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Saskia said...

Excellent pillow cases Ramona! If you turn them vertically they make Christmas trees - I may steal that idea for Christmas wrap. Haven't used paper cups for printing before (just about everything else though)! Thanks for the inspiration.