Well it's Melbourne International Festival time, and let us just say this is not really a festivus for the rest of us. Prices for shows can be pretty steep, or sold out in record time. We are lucky enough to have a few friends on the inside who may be able to get us us some bleacher seats to a few things, which make us count our lucky stars! What we do like is FREE events and there are a few good visual art options that will leave you with your tram and coffee money in tact (and your rent).

Santiago Sierra
 We are going to take the kids to see the destruction of a giant letter on the forecourt of ACCA by Spanish artist Santiago Sierra. He's been destroying helpless members of the alphabet all over the world and Melbourne is his last stop. maybe you have to tear something down to rebuild it? The boys will love it anyway! Destruction beigns at 8.15 this Wednesday

Gregory Crewdson
 We are so very very excited to see the work of American photographer Gregory Crewdson at CCP. His set ups are said to cost anywhere up to a million dollars, such is his sucess, excess and eye for detail. They could be film stills they so beautifully capture a narrative. Very inspiring! So great that this show is on at the Centre for Contemporary Photography too, such a wonderful and underused space.

Liu Zhouquan
We'll also be curious and repulsed to see the epic work of Chinese artist Liu Zhouquan who has mastered the art of bottling -and we mean bottling everything from ephemera to organs (and we don't mean the musical kind). This work comes direct from the Sydney Art Biennial where is caused quite a stir. We love collections of any kind so we'll be heading to the festival hub which can be found under the Princes Bridge on the banks of the muddy Yarra. RAMONA

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