glass, grace and good design.

exploring glass

Interesting talk on tonight at Loop on the use of glass in art, craft,design and architecture. Each month loop sponsors the optimistically titled  Victorian Young Architects and Graduates Group (awww) who present a variety of mainly architecture focussed discussions  Tonight jeweller Blanche Tilden will be speaking so this is a nice entry point for craft practioners and those interested to have a bit of mind expansion.

Emma Grace
 The prodigious jeweller Emma Grace has teamed up with the Northcity 4 studio to create a crowdfunded residency that will allow her to explore ways of creating 'sustainable' and 'ethical' jewellery. We not sure but we think this goes much further that just blood diamonds and caustic chemicals. She'll be giving talks, offering up consultations and if you hand over enough cash your very own workshop. We absolutely love crowdfunding craft projects - why not donate? Easy way to support makers.

Fringe Furniture
Beck was one of the esteemed judges of this years Fringe Furniture Awards. We are so pleased that they've moved from the Melbourne Museum foyer to the fantastic space at Abbotsford Convent. It feels so much more like a show now and less of an afterthought. You still have a couple of weeks to catch up with this one and it is well worth it. Just to restore your faith in design if nothing else! You can read Beck's fantastic post on the Craft Victoria blog here. RAMONA.

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