Hot Potatoes

Right now this show at the Ganim shop in Fizroy is so close to our Irish hearts we can almost hear the strains of Danny Boy. Brilliantly simple idea this - pick 40 of your favourite artists, get them to re-interpret the classic DIY 3D kids portrait vehicle Mr.Potato Head then display the results in an exhibition in your super beautiful shop. Makes us wonder why we didn't think of it ourselves.

Above are three of our top picks from the show, we're particularly happy with the spangly gold wing tips and pom pom head on Beci Orpins version in the middle, and the disturbingly enclosed woven eyemask come headdress of handmadelife favourite US basketmaker Doug Johnston.    

In addition she's also running one hour long kids workshops over the next week (september 25 - October 1) including a pasta making workshop with Food inspired jeweller Lucy Folk, a Bruno Munari inspired mask making workshop with freelance Designer Samuel Barnes, a potato prinitng workshop with the good ladies of Harvest Textiles, and a potato scultping workshop with Michael Strownix. All workshops are $15 and bookings can be made via email info@ganimstore.com.au. Um any chance we can pretend to be under 12 next week? BECK


Saskia said...

Great photos! Much better than mine... I quite literally just walked in the door from attending the Munari mask workshop with my boys today. It was ace. The Mr Potato Head exhibition was GORGEOUS. Doug Johnston's was beautiful, as was Pierre & Charlotte Julien's creation (my favourite). They're apparently being auctioned for charity too.

Ramona said...

It's just such a cute idea isn't it? and a great way for this new space to establish itself in the community. very cool indeed.