royal pardon

Yup its on again folks, the annual Royal Melbourne Show. The brand spanking website will try and tell you the show is now a hip and happening new school event complete with celebrity chefs and 'food happenings'. But we're all about the old school. So for us it will always be about the overpriced dagwood dogs, pharmacists showbag, three year old packets of fairy floss and wood chop competition. 

This year we have the added incentive of small boys now big enough for their first ride on the Mattahorn (great excitement) AND a few people we know and love showcasing their cakes and preserves up against some old school heavyweights. So we really REALLY wanna go.

However, while love the idea of the show, like most sane people we know that the reality of fighting through the red faced throngs to get to the livestock and craft pavilion whilst clutching a melty soft serve in one hand and whining pre-schooler in the other is a major attendance disincentive. Still it's got to the be show of the week by a mile. So we're making it our show of the week. BECK

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librarygirl said...

We're going at the CRACK of dawn on Saturday (Grand Final day) and will be outta there by lunchtime. need to have my CWA scone!