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If you hadn't already been enticed to visit the three brilliant shows we've been gabbing on about all week then here's a post full of further incentives to get you out of your lounge-room and into the gallery over the weekend. But before we get there you need to know about something very important happening TONIGHT. As part of Slow Art Collectives Kaeru Secret Garden Project (featuring the incredibly awesome Chaco Kato amongst other) Dylan Martorell and Nathan Gray's Snawklor are performing at the 'Garden Party' on the hill atop the Hamer Hall entrance near the 'black waves' between 5 and 7pm. WHICH WILL BE AWESOME!

We can vouch for the recuperative powers of listening to Snawklors blips and squeaks mix with the squarks of crazy bird hour while watching the sun go down and highly recommend it as the perfect way to kick off your weekend, and get you in the mood for our three other hot tips for the weekend.

hot tip 1. 

work in progress above, work on show below
no consolation prize
Katherine Bowman's show A Found Thing (the consolation of consolations) at e.g.etal which Ramona opened last night. Honestly this selection of pieces is so strong the gasp-o-meter was registering off the charts at the opening.

We love the way Katherine manages to bring her intricate knowledge of a craft, culture and history together in pieces that are both familiar and fresh, and the works featured here are no exception. Genius at work.

hot tip 2.

space is the place
Dell Stewart's inhabitation of Westspace project room is called Life in Space. Dell will be meeting, working, moving and playing in the gallery during the course of the show and will be publishing the results online here. We love Dell's mastery of contemporary art concepts mixed with old school craft know how, not to mention she's an absolute delight and anytime spent with her is a good time.

There will be wild drumming there will be knitting, there will be ceramics and faux bois and there may even be a dinner and dance combo with finger food... who knows. Each day will bring something new, so multiple visitation is encouraged. HML favourite Nathan Gray is also in the house so to speak with his own work Theorist Training Camp/Practice Piece, so you know you can double dip with confidence.

hot tip 3.

I see the crystal visions
Of course anyone listening up on RRR Monday would have heard me blushing and giggling like a schoolgirl trying to articulate just what it is about my super craft crush Kirsten Perry that I love most. Now that I have the delightful anonymity of my keyboard I can say that it is probably her ability to translate the hyper mental surrealism of dreams into brilliantly crafted objects that manage to be beautiful, ugly, freaky and hilarious while also perfectly reasonable - think Dali's lobster telephone meets Mighty Boosh costumier and set dresser.

Ramona has already talked up her new show and homage to the brilliant insanity of Stevie Nicks Stevie Dreams... on now at Lowrise Gallery. But sometimes actions speak louder than words. I bet you wont watch just once.  BECK


Stevie Dreams from Kirsten Perry on Vimeo.

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