in remembrance

One of the highlights of my year is being the Craft judge for the annual Veterans Affairs Short Story Writing Art and Craft awards. Yesterday was my 6th year and it continues to be such an honour and a pleasure. After quite a sad year last year I was buoyed by 30 more entries than last year and I really had my work cut out for me.

There was some gorgeous needlework, fantastic crochet and incredible quilting. Lots of sweet baby cardigans and bonnets, and a terrific array of gigantic metal sculptures which livened up this years display!

My grandpa, who had been an ambulance driver in Korea, dabbled in mosaics in later life and he would have totally dug entering the awards. He had been a boxer and a mechanic before that so as you can imagine he was a tough old bugger, so mosaics was a curious choice!

I was very excited to see my show favourite May Brown returned this year with a lovely collection of Dickensian Christmas Mice! You can see some past years here (2011), here (2010), here (2009), here (2008) and here (2007). RAMONA

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