Handmadelifers alert! Less that 100 days to go but you need to do some funny maths to really get your head around it. First of all, best to cut out the two weeks before the 25th because you have to either send or give nearly everything by then anyway. Cut another week off for wrapping, cut another week off for card making and sending.

That mean's there are about ten weeks to go. trust me on this. For those of you that don't give a toss I promise to limit the Christmas entries to one a week until the last week or so. But really, it is ON! I made this wreath last week for my lovely neighbours. I had a lot of fun creating lots of different greens and I've lacquered it so it's waterproof enough for the front door. They are both keen gardeners so I hope they like it. RAMONA

For those interested: I've been experimenting with a few different air dry clays and I like this one alot! It works with any silicon mould.

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