Modern Family

We confess we have a total crush on American designer Todd Oldham. Last year Beck was lovely enough to give me his amazing biography of illustrator Charley Harper so I was very excited to get my mitts on his craft book for kids. Of course it's supercool, engaging and brilliant.

The projects are awesome, the styling is delicious and not twee, and the inclusion of design inspirations, reading lists, design heroes, design advice makes it such an intelligent read. If we'd seen this book when we were 12 we may have fainted with joy.

It's rare to see a kids crafting book that is aimed directly at the kids and not at hovering parents desperate to see their offspring be creative by shoving a glue stick in their hand (I'm guilty of this and it is something I worry about). I borrowed this one from the library but you can buy it here.

Perfect for older kids on their own (8 up), younger kids with supervision and grown up kids who want a big dose of design inspiration. Hot Toddy indeed. RAMONA


Jane S said...

Yes, LOVE it! I bought it for Preshil a couple of years ago and think I might have to steal it back....

Ramona said...

Oh Miss Jane - always with impeccable taste!