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It's that time again. The ladies of HML will be heading into the studios to talk up all that is good in craft around town and as per usual we would love for you to listen in this morning. We've got a ton of stuff to talk about so we'll try not to let our sentences run together too much while we are on air!

Katherine Bowman
This Thursday Ramona has the joy of opening Katherine Bowman's show a found thing (a consolation of consolations) at EG ETAL. We've been writing and talking about KB's work for years now but mainly as a fine artist and not a jeweller. It will be great to see this first show of wearable pieces from Katherine.

apples and jam
We'll have to delve into that world of school holiday activities  because it is that time of year again. The dreaded september holidays seem to drag on forever so it's a good idea to arm yourself with ideas for the small ones like Crafternoon Cafe, Apples and Jam, and Art Play.

We'll be excited to talk up HML pal Dell Stewart's new show at Westspace, Kirsten Perry's show at Lowrise , and other crafty bits and bobs.

Dell Stewart

We are around around 1015 am with the lovely Kulja on The Grapevine RRR 102.7 

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