thunder only happens when it rains

There is no denying it. The ladies of HML think that Kirsten Perry is a genius. She makes art that we want to own, wear, give and play with. When we heard that her latest exhibition Stevie Dreams was inspired by one of the all out craziest and most fantastic songs ever written (Dreams by Fleetwood Mac) we kind of went a bit weak at the knees.

Perry has the ability to make ugly stuff beautiful. She creates a world of flotsam and jetsam that is like a cross between the Mighty Boosh, Yo Gabba Gabba, The Goodies, The Young Ones and a whole lot of other great weird stuff that we love.

 bought this brain necklace for my daughters 18th (she is a brain after all) and both Beck and I covet Kirsten's hair leg socks (hilarious!) 

I also scored one of her fantastic plinth pieces from the Craft Victoria show back in January. We urge you to go and see her new show that opens this Friday at Lowrise Projects in Richmond. It's only open Thurs -Sat from 12-5 but it runs until October 13 so there is a bit of time. We cannot wait! RAMONA

Lowrise Projects
32 Wangaratta Street

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