And so it begins

I've promised everyone, including myself, that Christmas won't be quite as crazy as usual. I'm limiting gift making and probably won't make cards at all. But I have to admit that Christmas is my hobby, and it's hard to reign in a hobby despite a crazy amount of work on the go. A good compromise is to not try and make everything from scratch, and to use supplies that are super fun so the process is relaxing rather than stressful.

This little wreath only measures about 15cm across. It's for a vintage loving friend who has just moved beachside. A wreath is good at any time of year but I had so much fun making this little one that a bit of a production line is starting for Christmas. Fun part is the clay only comes in primary colours so I get to mix the palette, and create the shapes using silicon molds. It's kid craft really!

For those of you interested in playing with this air dry clay I got mine here it took about 10 days to get here but was very cheap. I do believe there are locally available alternatives. It's an air dry lightweight paperclay used with silicon molds. When I have the cance I'm going to experiment with different brands. RAMONA


Saskia said...

These are gorgeous Ramona. The blue/purple flowers are lovely - gawd I'm wracking my brain though, trying to think of the name of those big 'ball' flowers. We had 'em at home when I was growing up. In those exact colours. Do they start with 'g'?
Glad to hear I'm not the only nut-bag planning/buying/making Christmas gifts already... Can't stand leaving it 'til the last minute.

Ramona said...

hydrangea - and that's the cover of the box (im good but I aint that good!) 100 days to go!

Saskia said...

Hydrangea! That's it. I guess it does have a 'g' in it...
100 days. Yikes. I'd better get cracking.