under a paper moon

Ok so between us the ladies of HML have about 300 craft books. No we are not kidding. So as you can imagine we are pretty tough critics when it comes to these things. With bookshelves so full it takes some convincing for us to hand over our hard earned cashola. Being parents we are particularly interested in craft books that focus on stuff to keep the kids amused - despite the fact they have attention spans of about 30 seconds we can usually entice our boys into some serious gluestick and glitter action on quite a regular basis.

I am mighty impressed with this one. PAPERCRAFT by Kathreen Ricketson. For those of you that don't know, Kathreen is the founder of the much loved and used craft site Whip Up and is already the author of several books. She's brought together papercrafters from around the world to put this clever little compendium together. 

Yes there were a lot of owls, and we may all be sick of the woodland creatures but let me tell you kids LOVE them and always will. There is something nice and fresh about the design of the book, there were lots of gender neutral crafts (a nice change from the girl heavy craft books of late) and despite being sweet it's not saccharine. So if you got kids or are on the lookout for a crafty present for a family you know, or you just want to make paper beads yourself I highly recommend this one. RAMONA

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librarygirl said...

I've just put a resie on our library copy and find we own all Kathleen's books. Thanks for the heads up Ramona - looks great.