Beady Eyes

From the pile of books at HML hq (ie kitchen table) there is no hiding what we have been researching this past week or two. There is nothing like submerging yourself in a previously little known craft topic and getting 'the knowledge'. With such a big topic it was hard to know where to begin and definitely not possible to know where to end. In our constant pursuit of upskilling I was more than a little intimidated!

I have found that the very best place to start is with the simplest, even dumbest book you can find so you are guaranteed of success right out of the gate. I've made the mistake of aiming too high too soon with many crafts and I know the importance of starting slooooow. There is a reason skills can take a lifetime to perfect. So young Juju Vail who put together the terribly twee 'I Love Beading' came to my rescue.

It took me a good couple of hours to thread on the blue beads with a knot between each one - starting with 5 metres of satin cord meant it was a exhausting process. The tassel was more straightforward as I'd made these before but the little beading, well that nearly killed me. I couldn't get it the right length or work out how to get it round the top without a lumpy knot and the instructions were not much help. I think the result is actually kind of great and looks pretty much like the picture. I think this will be a Christmas gift for my friend Miss S - so I killed two beads with one stone! RAMONA


anna said...

Come and learn how to do it at Northcity4!

Beck said...

can you teach both of us Anna... heaven help us!

Anna said...

I will be one of the students! It will be fun!