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welcome to the jungle

There are some things you just need be a part of. Those of you currently in Melbourne, or who've lived, visited, or have friends, family or lovers hailing from Melbourne will no doubt have intimate knowledge of the very special place RRR has in our hearts. We can't (and don't want to) imagine a world without RRR. Period. Not just a radio station, it's the voice and soundtrack of our community. . It's radiothon time again. And we think you should all pay attention and pay up people And we think you should all pay attention and pay up people. If you, like us, have ever been inspired, educated, illuminated, crafted along with or indeed had your mind blown by something you've heard on the radio now is the time to show your love via your open wallet and/or credit card. So today around 9.45 listen in to the grapevine as we (along with the rest of the regulars) try our darndest to get you to sign up.

In the meantime, we've had a little fun looking through the program guide and pairing up a few of our favourite shows with their craft equivalent. What do you think, have we nailed it or not?

Long Time favourite Johnny Topper's perennially wigged out New and Groovy lead us straight to Macrame, if you need to ask why, you clearly need to listen harder.

Aural Text - another obvious choice  - book carving, folding, and sculpting

Denise Hylands's Twang  - seriously how could we look past the gentle appalachian porch craft of whittling.

My Saturday favourite The Drift is the perfect aural interpretation of neo-tribal surrealist folk collage.

Rob Jan's Zero G, almost too easy, clearly geek craft. Although we're still tossing up as to whether the classic Tom Baker Dr. Who scarf or star wars amigarumi is the most appropriate project.

And Dirty Deeds  - look no further  'so hot right now' Terrariums, and The Architects led us straight to birdhouses, cubby houses and model making.

And finally our very favourite show (and not just cause we're on it or because the ladies in charge are so lovely) The Grapevine. Which we think is the radio equivalent of patchwork - useful, beautiful and made up of lots of interesting parts old and new that are made even more amazing by their proximity and connectedness. ahhhhh. RRR. HAPPY RADIOTHON EVERYBODY BECK & RAMONA


Judi said...

anyone who listens without subscribing is a thief..plain and simple.

pen said...

I re-subscribed whilst you were on... but you'd left the building by the time they read it out.....

Emma said...

Nicely done Ladies! It is hard to choose one's allegiance, but I think Johnny Topper is my fave