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hello awesomeness

Yesterday I was lucky enough to hear (amongst a bevy of other great people) the lovely Ebony Bizys, (aka hello sandwich) speak at craft's annual seminar Craft and Design as a Career. Interestingly enough her work pretty much sits right in the aesthetic sweet spot between Ramona and I, which is kind of amazing because as you know when it comes to most things we have very different taste. While I'm a complete Japanophile who loves the stationery, colour palette and special top knot styling of tokyo, Ramona is a keen new school scrapper. But as it happens along with representing our mutual washi tape of choice mt, Ms Bizys also currently has Ramona's dream job - using and promoting the Martha Stewart collection of craft products... and she's so good at it even i'm considering getting on board.

It was really fantastic to hear someone so talented (and delightfully unassuming) speak in such a down to earth fashion about making the big step away from dream job (vogue art director) to following their dream (living and working in tokyo). Made me both inspired and envious!

Unfortunately we both ummed and ahhed about joining one of workshops at both Harvest and Craft for a millisecond too long and they sold out in minutes. I wonder if that makes Hello Sandwich the stationery equivalent of Prince?

Thankfully Ebony is extremely generous on the how to instructions and project ideas on Hello Sandwich, and also has her new book out now - and  being such an avid consumer of japanese craft books she's made sure the instructions are super easy to follow so we wont be defeated by the kanji.

So to all you lucky bunnies who already have or are about to start enjoying your time making stuff with the queen of kawaii - enjoy yourselves thoroughly. We're as jealous as hell!  BECK

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