The photo above is of my Thom posing in a Pussy Riot support balaclava made by the lovely BC. We'll be seeing alot more of these of the coming weeks I suspect in the online craft kingdom and it got the ladies of HML thinking about the events of the past week. We think it is important to remember behind the balaclavas and crazy music are some pretty serious political dissidents who are artists, rockers, mothers and now prisoners.

Beck and I are very different people but both of us would call ourselves proud feminists. We are lucky to live somewhere that our freedom of expression, political opinion and general crankiness about pay inequality and access to safe healthcare doesn't land us in court (trust us, some of the things we'd say about Tony Abbott would have had us behind bars yonks ago!)

We can't tell you who did the matroshkas (they are ace aren't they?) but we love them. As well as the above awesome illustration by Louise Pomeroy

These cookies by blogger Glitter Pissing are pretty foxy too. As crafters, artists, thinkers and makers (all the same thing really!) try and make sense of what happened there will be a lot of cool homemade balaclava action, which we'll all enjoy but let's not forget what its all about.
solidarity fist pump...now.

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