Colour Your World

The ladies of HML are sad. Or rather they have SAD - seasonal affective disorder. We are just so over it. The older we get the more we envision moving to Hervey Bay QLD or Carnarvon WA to swan around in wrap skirts and singlets for 9 months of the year. We may save that for old age. In the meantime our little busy bee lives are here in gloomy old Melbourne. If you are a fan on the chill wind you'll love the little drawings on show at Handheld Gallery by Paul Compton. A little bit Edward Gorey a little bit Victoria Roberts - I love them!
What we really want right now are rainbows, preferably double ones to really lighten the psychological load. We love Jessie Tucker's amazeballs macrame so we are pretty excited to see her pretty paisley watercolor explosion at C3 Gallery.  We'll be having a cup of hot chocolate at the convent cafe afterwards.
We'll be dressing up Friday night to go see the new group show Aesthetics Room at the lovely Mr Kitly gallery. Curated by the pocket rocket Kim Brockett this is gonna be super toasty. 
If I had the cash I would definitely buy one of these fantastic inkjet, vinyl, photograph,acrylic shiny shiny pieces by Richard Blackwell. If you get the chance to wander down Flinders Lane - or as we call it 'the freakin wind tunnel'  - to Flinders Lane Gallery this week I urge you to pop in because they are actually kind of breathtaking. Bask in their glow!
For a jewellery friends out there - have you enrolled in this masterclass at North City 4 yet? I'm so tempted to ask if I can just sit in the corner and observe because I am a HUGE Manon Van Kouswijk - I'm pretty sure she is a genius. Id have to bring a lap rug of course, and my knitting, and a beanie, and a scarf, and some fingerless gloves, and some explorer socks... and my sunny disposition! RAMONA

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