making up is hard to do

While Ramona has quietly taken over the scrapbookisphere I have been pushed to do any making besides the dinner and my nightly cup of chai. So much for the year of up-skilling! This week however, hot on the heels of my annual birthday pilgrimage to yarn nerd heaven Morris and Sons (they've got a mega sale on - its amazing - I could have bought out the store) I purchased some beautiful Japanese space dyed silk mix yarn and actually managed to cast on and knit a few rows. 

I originally had grand plans of working a moss stitch and creating a seamless loop scarf. However after three rows of buggering it up so badly with my sleep deprived brain unable to remember whether I was knitting or purling I pulled the pin - and have gone with a simple stitch I can manage while sitting in a lumpen stupor in front of the tv at night. I'll still end up looping it and adding some texture striping as we go further, and eventually crochet the ends together to make it a loop of sorts. And the space dyed patterning will start to make it look loads more interesting without me even trying - which is good, because right now I need all the help I can get in the creativity stakes.

Of course Morris and Sons is not just a yarn mecca it's also got a whole section devoted to needlework, and you know what a tapestry fetishist I am. I found this incredibly awesome black velvet painting inspired galloping horses piece which I am now dying to do. Maybe this really WILL be the year of up-skilling after all.  BECK

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