blow up

Melbourne jewellery designer/sculptor Hamish Munro seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment. Last night his homage to the rubber balloon inventor/performance artist Michael Faraday, (another slashie) opened at Pieces of Eight.

Hamish is yet another local artist transforming everyday items into extrodinary objects, pushing the physical boundaries of the original material far beyond their utilitarian origins. In Binding Faraday, his first solo, exhibition he has manipulated the rubber balloons we usually associate with slightly creepy balloon animal makers (and yes my father has just joined that list) into a collection of wearable jewellery works, as well as creating a super bright sculptural installation in the gallery window. Nice.

Binding Faraday
Pieces of Eight Gallery
Tuesday June 26 until Saturday July 28.
Read more about Hamish here BECK

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