Something borrowed something new
Firstly Zakka Style. I'm a big fan of Zakka Sewing so when I saw this in my Kindle recommendations I quickly grabbed it. Now I have to tell you that reading a craft book on an ipad is not easy and not fun. But it is a lot cheaper than ordering the hardcopy. So cheap in fact I have used it as a 'try before you buy service'. I'm definitely going to buy this one in its real (not just virtual) format. As for Simple Sewing, well Beck I know I promised to return it to you...and I will sooooooon
Zakka Style: I'm working on my first big patchwork project and its a little overwhelming so I wanted to make a couple of little things for myself to roadtest potential Christmas presents and to just have a bit of practice at quilting and piecing. I found the instructions for he little lined pencil holder incredibly difficult to follow.  I kept reading them out loud to make sure it would come together alright. I love love love this project and I'm thinking how nice giving one of these away would be with a nice pencil or two and a little notebook.
Simple Sewing: I was pretty happy with the way the potholder turned out. I increased the size a little because small potholders I find are completely useless for taking big hot trays out of the oven. I did both of these projects in about 40 minutes which was an ideal evening craft time. I've been buying remnants of beautiful fabric to plump up the stash, perfect for these little projects.  RAMONA

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