family portrait
I've always liked those industrial letters you can buy in fancy schmancy shops but they usually cost a bomb. I picked up these papier mache ones for $2 each and spent a very messy and pleasant evening decorating them. One for each member of the household.
I tried to pick papers that matched the personalities but really i didn't over think it. I just wanted an addition to our once gloomy hall. With no window and no power points on one side it makes for a very dark space. hence the 32 framed scrap-booked photographs you can glimpse in the photo below.
now I just have to work out how to mount these things on the wall. instant craft gratification! RAMONA

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JK said...

I love these, they look fabulous. I'm lucky enough that my husband salvages industrial letters at work (industrial abseiller) so we have a garage full - but of course they are never the letters you need. This is a brilliant idea.