Many moons ago I was a great consumer of magazines. I am (affectionately) ribbed by my friends for having every copy of Martha Stewart Living since 1994 - but even that obsession waned with the closing of Borders bookstore and the purchase of an Ipad. I haven't bought a magazine since September 2011.  I now subscribe to the digital editions for the same amount it would cost for one copy. I guess this means I'm just consuming in a different way!
 I've recently discovered the lovely English magazine 'Making'. You can pick it up in local newsagent for around $15 a copy or purchase the digital edition for $7. It's aimed squarely at domestic crafters, comes out once a month, is beautifully photographed and quite inspiring. I have bookmarked 24 projects in the 10 issues I've downloaded so far. Nothing crazy, just nicely presented little nudges without the whole 'aren't we cool we craft!' element. I've been meaning to make the lavender hearts for our bedposts for ages now. Nothing original in that I know but a prompt was all I needed.

It won't be to everyone's taste, like I say it's for us gift making weekend crafters with added inspiration of interviews and insights from professional makers. It's very anglocentric (a whole edition dedicated to the jubilee - which I LOVED). It's a sweet magazine so I thought I'd give y'all a heads up. RAMONA

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