Things to do and see

Call us crazy but we quite like the Olympics. Not for the swelling of national pride that we find truly hideous, but for the crafting of costumes for the opening ceremony. So at 530 am Saturday morning (which to be honest is usually when our small peeps wake up) Beck and I will be bleary eyed in different corners of Northcote Melbourne Australia to see just how crazy it all is.

I'll be braving the bleak weather, family in tow, to troop around town to peer inside some favourite buildings. We are mostly looking forward to the Phillips Shirt Factory, the Mission to Seafarers, and the Victoria Mounted Police Branch (despite being terrified of horses, and quite frankly post-occupy police). Parliament House is also open so if we get a chance we'll pop in and voice an opinion or two! 

Sometimes the best open houses are shops Don't forget that Harvest Textiles shop will be open on Saturday for lots of neony spotty goodness. Also full of gorgeous winter product are our favorites: Cottage Industry, Edition X, 5 Burroughs and our beloved Craft Victoria

It would be great to tell you who will be on at this years carpark market on Sunday but we have no idea, the website tell you absolutely nothing - is this some new crazy marketing campaign? act mysterious and people will come just to figure it out? We can tell you it's on at fed square 10-5. it'll be windy, take a scarf. RAMONA

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