hard as nailz

Last week Ramona and I celebrated the opening of Harvest textiles new retail space Harvest Storeroom. Of course its awesome and filled with amazing stuff we want to fill our homes and outfit ourselves in - including a chevron unitard which I will be sporting all summer. We'll report more on the new shop tomorrow. Today is more about the hand than the hand made, and Lordy, we are SOOOOOO on board this one.

Now we both love a bit of nail polish, and have enjoyed watching the recent move towards neon, grunge, glitter, crackle and patterned manicures with interest if not actual engagement. But while sipping our champagne last Thursday night we watched a long queue of people get made over by gangster nail outfitters  the Super Rad Nail Sisters . In a collaborative stroke of genius they've translated some of harvest's signature prints from cloth to nail. Oh Boy. Until August 5 book in with Rohani and Rosalie and get your very own set of super bright teardrops, leopard print, polka dot or chevrons. Can't decide which - hey get a digit done in each!  Read more about it here and get in quick. BECK

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