Many of us are struggling to come back to earth while suffering post purple fatigue. I know I am. Thankfully I am bolstered by the fact that I will get to see the high heeled basket-balling funkateer again on the 30th.n the meantime this weekend there is a lot on to keep me occupied - a good thing because I think my family may impose a vinyl intervention if I play any more Prince.


For lovers of 'vintage' there is the Melbourne Love Vintage Show on at the REB. I love vintage, however being of the generation of people who were able to wear 50's frocks when you could still pick them up  by the garbage bag full at op shops I often baulk at the price tags attached to todays offerings. In addition I have to admit that the ironic/aesthetic appeal of old clothes on old people (i.e. me) is no where near as compelling as that of the old clothes on young people. Still I reckon you can work vintage while being vintage yourself  and NOT look like a frumpy post war Gran - not that there's anything wrong with that, its a look I often shop myself. This market come trade show, despite the terminally nostago-geeky Downton Abbey styling on the website, promises to have some seriously great stock, from a selection of the top purveyors of the old school. While I am now skint from my Purple Circle ticket frenzy, our backward gazing, fashion forward intern will no doubt find plenty on which to spend her hard earned pin money.


Saturday is the last hurrah for Kate Rohde's show HYBRID GEOLOGY at Pieces of Eight. It's a stunner - completely gorgeous resin hyper-colored faux crystals on mass. In short, Heaven. And while there is no price of admission, it will take a stronger person than I to leave without picking up a take away trinket or thirteen. Gob smackingly good.

If you are in the vicinity of Pieces of Eight you may as well trek up hill a little and have a peek at the Made by Mosey 'Spectrum' window exhibition at Craft Victoria. As it turns out a window full of rainbow hued hand sewn balloons really can brighten up your day!


Also opening tomorrow is Wallace and Gromit's World of Invention at Scienceworks. If you too have small people addicted to Timmy Time and Shaun the Sheep, then this is possibly the best place to spend a few hours over what's shaping up to be a very wet weekend. If you have other plans don't sweat it - its on until November, although something is telling me we ladies and our boys will be visiting monthly until then!
Have a good one people. BECK 


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Saskia said...

Visited the Wallace & Gromit exhibition on Saturday. It's ace. I was expecting a few more of Wallace's actual inventions though, rather than general cracking contraptions. The highlights for myself and (yikes) the four 8-year old boys who came with me, were the actual sets, especially the mini vegie patch from Were Rabbit. So cute. You'll love it.

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