we come from dust and unto dust we shall return

I have to admit I'm in hibernation mode at the moment and unlike Beck I am not faced with the challenge of heading off to work in this cold weather so I tend to stay close to home and rely on her to tell me what is going on in the world (cue Mary Tyler Moore show theme music). I do have to venture into the CBD later this week so I'm going to catch up on two exhibitions before they close on the 26th. 

Warwick Freeman's show at Gallery Funaki is an interesting one. not just for the simple somewhat stern objects he has produced but the inclusion of all the residual material from creating those objects in an installation piece. 

You know we are huge fans of Handheld Gallery and taxidermy, well it is so hot right now (ha ha)! 
Paper taxidermy is much more our style and the ladies of HML can't resist the beautiful paper hummingbirds by Sheridan Jones. The intricacies of this paperwork really needs to be seen to be believed. There is something so beguiling about craft that just takes so darn long to complete, as if the longer the maker spent with the object the more deeply imbued with character they become.

I hope you are all rugged up and toasty somewhere. Hopefully the lovely sun will stay out making the cold more bearable. I'm off to make a pot of tea and some honey on toast. Isn't it funny how bears like honey? RAMONA

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