We Came, we saw, we needed a brolly

Flashback splashback
We were so excited to go to the opening of North City 4 studios it was a lovely evening. Catching up with friends and colleagues is always fun for us and we were really thrilled for all involved. What an inclusive and lovely bunch of makers they are. All friends and family came out to help, lend support, buy a beer or a necklace or badge. It was a real celebration of the contemporary jewelry/object making culture here in Melbourne. How lucky we are!
The next day, in torrential rain, I did manage to spend a total of 15 minutes at the homemaker market. Why so short? It had take me over an hour to drive from Northcote to Richmond in bumper to bumper cranky traffic. By the time I got there I didn't give two hoots about design. What I wanted was a cuppa tea and a lie down. I did procure a test tube of Melbourne rooftop honey for Beck who very wisely stayed indoors! I'd heard about these enterprising beekeepers but I wasnt expecting such a well designed project. Buzzy!

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