Busy signal. 

It feels like a month since we last posted, even though its only a week. But what a week. Relative emergencies; feverish, teething babies; partners away on tour; work at home; work at the office; work at the creche; WORK. So we're taking a collective deep breath today and letting you know that while we have been away from the computer we have been busy with life. Still the rest of the world doesn't stop just because our diaries are full and people have been just as busy with far more interesting things... the results of which are all on display for your enjoyment and perusal this week. So here's our shortlist of places to be, things to see and people to meet.

North City 4 Open the Door - those listening in to our radio spot a couple of weeks back would have heard us wax lyrical about this sensational new space run by some of our favorite makers and ladies. Finally the roller door reveal takes place this Friday and it will definetely be one of the hottest spots in town come 6pm autumn weather or not. Honestly if we start telling you how awesome this place and these people are again they may think we're stalking them. So just go here or here and read about it for yourselves. This is a MUST PEOPLE.

Platform March Exhibitions Launch - for commuters on their way home instead of heading to North City 4 on Friday evening is the launch of the new round of shows at Platform. This month looks like another great collection of works in three new exhibitions - although truth be told they had us Lonely Hearts.Always worth a look (as well as a coffee) that Degraves underpass proves that you really don't need to make a special trip to a high falutin' gallery to see contemporary art.

Rooftop Art Space - now that we're on board this outdoor space we keep seeing interesting new shows popping up. The latest show The Seam - Together looks brilliant, woven, sewn, stretched and reinvented textiles UH HUH! We especially like how the Rooftop have turned the installation process on its head and make it a public performance as much a part of exhibition as the finished product. Check out their documenting of the install here Props People!

Homemakers Market - just when you thought Melbourne couldn't house another super cool art/craft/design market up pops this one complete with a heady mix of talent curated by the terminally hip Thousands crew as part of the month long Richmond Weekender event in the old Channel 9 TV studios. So even though we are self confessed uber dags we are also TV tragics; so we'll be making a pilgrimage come Saturday (babysitters permitting) to chew the fat and work the wallet in the hope of snapping up some serious quality.

Artist Talks at CV - for those that want to continue with the creatives on Saturday Craft Victoria is holding it's artist talks for the current round of exhibitions at 2pm (which by our estimation would be just enough time to polish off lunch at Cumulus were we not to have emptied our wallets earlier.) With such fabulously diverse shows this event should provide a fascinating insight into not just these makers as individual practitioners but the current state of current contemporary craft. BECK

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