Mini Memento of the Week

Sentimental sap
Regular hml readers may remember that last year I won tickets to a pick and eat lunch at Heide Museum of Modern Art. You can read about it here

I made a crazy little mini journal this week as a memento of a really lovely day. It's interesting in this era of digital photography how special it feel to actually print photos. I may go a wee bit over the top in my presentation and preservation of them!

I am still madly in love with my gigantic wood grain stamp as you can see. I know this is a totally cheesy project and I debated even putting it here but memory keeping has always been a big part of leading a handmadelife. A little bit of sentimentality never hurt anyone in small doses! RAMONA

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librarygirl said...

It is not cheesy it is wonderful.I'm mad for collage at the moment.