Want of the week

Two of our favorite swedish artist/designer/craftists Elisabeth Dunker and Anna Backlund have recently been in Tunisia (lucky buggers) where they were invited to build a new brand (RYM) for a Tunisian company and design its first collection. Given free range it's clearly a dream job for two incredibly talented ladies. To say that we're excited to see what they come up with is an understatement. We love their work. They've decided to include porcelain, carpets, fouts, chairs, olive wood and recycled kelimkuddar in the first collection. Which pretty much covers everything. Launching in early February Elisabeth has given us a sneak peak at some of the ceramics on her Fine Little Day blog. HOLY MOTHER. GENIUS. 

I love that they've decided to let people mix and match the pieces because I hate matchy matchy tableware, and that oak leaf teapot is completely brilliant - still my beating wallet! Granted these are just samples but clearly if they are any indication of what's to follow in the rest of the range I'd best start saving because I can see a major interior overhaul coming on. BECK

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