And so it begins...

That's it people, holidays are finally over. Galleries have started to swing open their doors, makers have returned to the studio and there is a definite 2012 vibe out there. About time too as we are more than ready to look at some new work! Craft Victoria opens with three ceramics based shows by three very different makers.Gary Bish has created some optically mesmerizing vessels that explore architecture, perception and perspective in Vessel: A Space Oddity.

Jacob Ogden Smith looks like he may have lost his mind a little judging from this film still from one of the accomanying videos that support his ceramic work. Pottery Practice Project will challenge us to think a little deeper about how the srt of ceramics is represented in film and television. I'm seeing Swayze and Moore in my head but Im sure it goes a little deeper than that.

We love love love  the work of Kirsten Perry so are naturally very excited about her new show Home Time. Architectural forms with human characteristics? Yes! We suspect a piece from this show will be wining its way home with us. The openings to these shows is on Thursday night, so get out of the tracksuit and into your fancy pants - see you there! RAMONA

Shows run from 20 Jan  -3 March
Craft Victoria is at 31 Flinders Lane
you can find out more about these shows here...

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