Little projects of the week

Toot toot
Well I finally made T something. After watching how forlorn he was when all the handmade gifts left the house I knew he was overdue a little something. This tractor train tote was a pain in the proverbial, nothing went right. There was a mod podge crisis (don't ask), a sliced finger (blunt Stanley knife) and a spilt cup of tea involved. all turned out ok in the end. The ribbon tree was his own creation - tres chic Thom.
This is the last of the pencil boxes. They don't sell these anymore at my local hardware store so my friend Michael will be the last recipient. The bug paper is more than appropriate as he works at the museum and in fact LOVES bugs. It's his birthday next week and i'll fill the box with some good pencils and perhaps a plastic beetle or two! I'm craving some textile based craft now after all this wood. I feel some knitting may be in order over the next week. Ramona.


Mika said...

Looks like plenty of gain in the pain that went into the making! I'm thinking of getting my knitting fingers on soon too!

Ramona said...

thanks Mika, yes I'm picking up the knitting again, determined to learn how to cable properly this year.

Beck said...

cable... mmmmm
this weather has certainly got me thinking about rugs, I'm determined to learn crochet this year. I think we're in for a year of handwork upskilling Rambo!