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the fabulous baker brother

Last night Max decided he needed to do some baking, apparently it wasn't enough that we'd already had morning tea macaron, we needed cake for dinner. Something 'magical' as well. Thankfully I'd managed to keep fairy cakes up my sleeve so when I suggested them he was beside himself with excitement. Normally we'd go through baking them from scratch, but seeing as it was already 5.30 and the veg lasagna still wasn't in the oven I caved and used a Greens vanilla butter cake packet mix instead.

Max also determined that we needed to change the flavour to chocolate and orange - so Jaffa fairy cakes it was. He was super excited to be able to do all of it (bar the hot bits) by himself, and the ease of preparation fitted a 3yr old attention span perfectly. And, even though it felt like I was cheating I think we might even do it again! Truth be known, they weren't half bad neither. BECK

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Jess said...

They look so yum!

Also - LOVE the blog post title!