Student Days
It's still quiet on the gallery front so no 'show of the week' until next Monday. I will however share one of my new years resolutions - to gain more craft skills. By the end of the year I have committed to throwing a pot, sewing a skirt, making a brooch, screen printing a length of fabric, making a double bed quilt and making a stop motion animated film. Ambitious yes, with lots of room for failure! But the point is it's about learning. If you'd like to get some new skills there are lots of opportunities in the coming weeks:

We write about contemporary jewellery a lot both here and out in the world and one of my new years resolutions is to learn a bit more of the craft so i can write with more clarity about its subtleties and specialised attributes. I'm very keen on the Make a Ring in a Day class being taught by the amazing Tassia Joannides at the CAE first week of feb. She does amazing things with zippers that has always confounded me!

Our favourite print maker and artist Rona Green is running a variety of art classes out of her swish studio at Abbotsford convent starting January 22nd. We are huge fans and would actually be a little star struck if we took a class with this inspiring teacher!

The fabulous Thread Den will have to put up with my two left thumbs as I attempt their A Line Skirt class that starts on Jan 30 . I have often had dreams of seven neat skirts with the days of the week embroidered on them, like a modern day school uniform. Is that crazy?

Oh how my daughter wishes she could participate in the fantastic Harvest Textiles summer school. Alas funds don't stretch that far and she may have to wait til the winter course! If you are lucky enough to be able to hand over the serious cash dollar it is totally worth it people. Not on are the harvest ladies the nicest peeps in town they have the mad skills that will have you screen printing up a storm. Beck has already participated in one of their courses and still raves about it. Highly recommended.

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