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b is for breakfast, d is for dinnertime

OK so last year was all about me posting breakfast daily on Facebook. An interesting exercise for in which I discovered I consume more bagels in a year than they bake at Glicks in ten. So, this year I've decided try and branch out a little and try to find some new favourites and fall backs for my favourite meal of the day. I've also decided to follow Ramona's lead and put together a blog chronicalling my morning repasts rather than bore my friends stupid on facebag. 
So now you can see how I start the day, and how Ramona finishes it. Riveting no revealing definitely. Like they say you are what you eat. BECK

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Anonymous said...

Nice one ladies, though I have to say neither dinner or breakfast is looking quite as interesting at my house right now! I look forward to being inspired by you efforts and inviting myself along to Jam making one day!!