plum in front

Jam session number two done and dusted. I know it's supposed to be one a month but hey the big storm last week brought down a lot of fruit in the neighborhood - most of it ripe, and in my urban forager book if its on or over the footpath its fare game. So here we have it Foragers Plum edition one.

I'd call it a medley but I hate that word and would rather stick a burning hot poker in my eye. Mostly its Damsons (thanks Pene the human iphone plum identikit app.) with lashings of sweet reds as seen below (Pen we might need your help again here)

and a few wee golden numbers thrown in for good measure just because they were there.

Sweet and slightly perfumy with a nice tart finish, and quite lovely to look at with its deep rosy hue.

Will be most excellent on scones methinks. Yes Ramona that's a call out to you and the womble to start baking! BECK

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